Perfect as a side dish, topping, hour d’oeuvre, condiment, or on their own, the presented vegetable spreads have a unique flavor based on the fact that they are 100% all natural, with zero artificial preservatives, thickeners or colors.

Ajvar is a roasted eggplant-sweet-pepper mixture. sometimes referred to as vegetarian caviar. It can be mashed or left chunky, depending on personal taste, and served as a relish, vegetable or spread on country-style white bread (we recommend a baguette) as an appetizer. Its smoky flavor is a great match for grilled or roasted meats, especially lamb.

A similar spread, Lutenica is a home made chunky blend of roasted red and feferoni peppers, tomatoes, carrots and  garlic – its milder cousin is Pindjur.

The “Balkan Babaganush”, the home-style recipe Malidjano combines roasted green peppers and roasted eggplant with a medley of spices (parsley, black pepper, salt) to create a surprisingly delicious dish a delicious blend perfect for any sandwich, dip or meal enhancer.

The vegetables are marinated fresh in not much more than the vegetable’s natural oils, salt and citric acid or vinegar to naturaly preserve color and flavor. They are 100% all natural with zero to low cholesterol, saturated fats and trans fat. A great accompaminient to all meats as well as fish, furthermore the perfect ingredient for stirfryes, antipasto platters, and marinades.

We carry a wide assortment from red peppers stuffed with soy cheese (perfect for vegans) to crispy pickles, an exotic mix of pickled vegetables, and Dalmatian as well as Spanish olives.

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