Popular Recipes

Gibanica pita

Gibanica (Cyrillic: гибаница), pron. gheebanitsa, is a Serbian pastry dish, usually made with white cheese. Gibanica is a traditional dish in parts of Balkan region. Varieties and related dishes can also be found in Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria where it is usually called Banitsa (баница), as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia. It […]


Sarma is a noun derived from the Turkish verb sarmak, which means “wrapping” or “rolling”. Sarma is similar to its cousin dolma, and the two names are used interchangeably in many languages. As the term refers to the manner of preparation (“wrap”), in Turkey the word sarma is also used for two sweet pastries that […]

Turkish/Greek coffee

Centuries ago, when people devoted more time to attend to the demands of their earthly pleasures and less time to the demands of business and corporate life, coffee making developed some rituals that exist in ‘lite’ versions in our days. In old times, connoisseurs expected their coffee to be heated slowly over charcoal embers for […]

Using Vegeta

With VEGETA dishes taste better!! VEGETA, being created over the years become a favorite gourmet seasoning for dishes composed of seven kinds of dried vegetables as well as original combination of natural spices. VEGETA refines the soups, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, vegetable dishes, stews, roasts, sauces, salads…in a word it adds its inimitable taste to all […]

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